“Ensuring that the benefits of seafood can be experienced by all, today and for future generations to come”

“Ensuring that the benefits of seafood can be experienced by all, today and for future generations to come”

Fresh raw materials

The secret of creating high-quality and nutritious seafood ingredients is the freshness of the raw material. Through many decades we have developed long and strong relationships with our suppliers to assure that the raw material we use is not only fresh but also sustainably harvested in order to protect and preserve our oceans for future generations.

Our seafood ingredients are therefore MSC certified which is an assurance of traceability and sustainability.

The main raw materials we use are from

All-natural ingredients

Directly from production, we upcycle side-streams from fresh raw materials into natural ingredients, ensuring that the quality of the ingredient is at its absolute highest level.

Our high-quality seafood ingredients are further used for flavor and nutritional purposes by the global food industry.

We produce natural ingredients as powder, liquid, oil, and paste, which can be applied in various kinds of finished food products.

Typical applications for our seafood ingredients are

Adding value to your final products

Seagems Norway creates custom blends to suit the desired tonalities and nutritional values of your final applications. Our ingredients are made specifically to enhance your products through better tasting flavors, documented nutritional performance and cost-efficiency.

Today you can find ingredients from Seagems Norway all around the world, in many well-known products and trusted brands.

Where ancient traditions meet innovation and technology

Seagems Norway’s headquarter is located conveniently by the cold and clean waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea. Here the traditions of harvesting the oceans go back centuries, providing both food and opportunity to the people that settled in these areas.

Just like our ancestors, we believe in the full utilization of the fish and shellfish being caught. A tradition that requires innovation and new production technologies to meet the complexity and increasing demand of a globalized world.

Our state-of-the-art factory meets the high quality standards of BRC, HACCP and Halal.

About us

Seagems Norway is a seafood ingredients company founded on the knowledge of what we do. Our mission is to create high-quality seafood ingredients in the most sustainable way possible.

The founders and management team behind Seagems Norway, have long traditions in valorization of residual raw materials from fisheries in the creation of value-adding flavor- and nutrition ingredients.

Our passion for the ocean has put sustainability at the core of our operations, benefitting the entire seafood value chain, and bringing sustainable seafood ingredients to the global market.

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Our sustainable seafood ingredients were applied to more than 3 billion meals in 2021, upcycled from more than 5000 tons of residual raw materials. This is just the beginning.

Read more about our impact in our latest ESG report

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